The Reel Deal and Other Bad Jokes
Saturday, July 09, 2005
"And the first thing that flashed into my golova was that I'd like to have her right down there on the floor with the old in-out, real savage."
Last post quoted Buffalo Soldiers. No. Not the one about the black regiment. This is the one about the meth cook and the sergeant's daughter. It's a love story.
So, I worked this job the other week. I kinda got fucked because I was working a flat per day rate. We worked so much overtime that they cancelled a day. I lost my money for that day and I didn't get paid for the extra time (more than a day's worth). Oh well...I'm gonna get another job. This one will be a better rate and I'll get a goddamn overtime deal. That's the basics on that aspect of the thing. It's no use to go into the details. I learned my lesson. Fuck!

But that's old news.

Now for the new news. Like anyone gives a shit since I haven't posted in so long, but documenting it somewhere gets it out of my system.

I helped out on the school shoot, even though I've graduated. Grip/Electric needed some help so I was there. Even though it was my birthday. I didn't work so well on my birthday, probably because there were a bunch of people there and I felt kind off useless. But the next day a bunch of people didn't show up so I got something done then. For the first four hours it rained. And I don't mean It drizzled, or dripped, or perhaps misted; it was a fucking downpour, the veritable tears of God, a sluice of epic proportions; indeed, it was really pissin' down.

You think I exaggerate; perhaps I do. I distinctly recall, however, not being able to distinguish one raindrop from another, much like putting one's head under the bath faucet as opposed to the shower head. I had a trashbag on, rather poor protection even though it came down past my knees. Ironic, then, that I received a fine waxed Oxford raincoat with snaps and flaps on as a gift when I returned home. I look forward to using it the next time it rains.

I also got a digeridoo. I've been figuring out how to play it and it's depressingly simple. The circular breathing is still a mystery to me though. Dad also gifted me with a nice big TV so I don't have to come over and watch movies at the house all the time.

Got some work coming up. Looking forward to it.

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