The Reel Deal and Other Bad Jokes
Tuesday, May 17, 2005
"Give in to your hatred!"
Last post quoted "The Final Cut," an excellent science fiction film. I liked it especially because the main character was an editor. How cool is that?
I'm posting hurredly from the library with my last ten minutes of PC time. This keyboard sucks. There was a fight in here last night. The cops were called. The true cause of the fight was unknowable but the purported causes were unbelieveably stupid, on both sides. Somebdoy looked at somebody else the wrong way. I was checking out some books, and they're over there shoving each other. A big, loud black lady and a couple of her kids gettin' into it with this slow mustached redneck. "He was lookin' at me that way because of my mustache!" I saw him walk in here again earlier today, too.

Fight in the library, man. What the fuck?

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