The Reel Deal and Other Bad Jokes
Tuesday, May 24, 2005
"They know that war is hell; but peace, peace is fucking boring."

Last post quoted Team America: World Police. "AMERICA! Fuck yeah!" Seriously, you need to see that shit. It's hilarious what they do with puppets, and also how they mock, let's see, the cliches to be found in most every action blockbuster, politics, various actors, and a whole lot of other shit. You'll watch it and go, "I can't believe they went there!" Oh yes. They did. And they went THERE too. And...THERE.

Worked a day on that Wilmington thing. Grip department was rollin' heavy and rockin' out, as usual. All of the manual labor--the lifting, the carrying, the rigging, the loading, the unloading, that's all grips. Four of us. Kickin' it grip style.

I should probably be shot for using language like that.

Under the heading of "Really Good News For My Bank Account," I just got a PA gig working a 7-day commercial. The guy asked what my rate was, I said $150 a day. He called back later and said the producer would do $200 a day, flat rate. But no more! "Uh...yeah, I think I can live with that."

No I don't know what it's for. I think it may be some kind of big deal though. They're flying people in from out of town. Oh no, oh no, oh no, OH YEAH!

So, yeah, Jack...thanks for the good luck wishes I guess they paid off.
Wednesday, May 18, 2005
"Really? Have you ever seen a man eat his own head? "
Last post quoted Star Wars. The third one. Kind of a gimme.

The library is, unfortunately, an uncomfortable place. Especially when you're sitting by someone who seems a bit too involved in their music. Is it really neccessary to rock backward and forward a whole three feet? What the fuck?


There's a product. You can buy it. It's a rubber duck.

It vibrates.

Gives a whole new meaning to bathtime fun, doesn't it? Makes you wonder about Bert and Ernie, doesn't it? "Rubber ducky, you're the one...you make bathtime, lots of fun!"

Just a thought.

I might have a job tomorrow...but maybe not. I dunno. Something on a golf course doing whatever--y'know, being a PA basically. (Production Assistant). First day of a shoot in Wilmington starts Saturday. It's deferred pay. That means they can pay you whenever the fuck they feel like it, if the movie takes off or some damn thing. I wonder if I'll get paid...it's possible. Highly unlikely. But maybe I'll get on some paid work FROM this--that would be good. Yeah, this means shit-all to you guys I guess. Gotta go anyway, PC time up soon. It's the library.
This was interesting.
Again, this is something I found at Boing Boing (credit where credit's due and all that). It's filmcritic.com's "All-Time Top 100 Voices in the Movies." Since it's an opinion piece I was wondering if anyone disagrees with a choice or feels that an actor was overlooked.
Tuesday, May 17, 2005
"Give in to your hatred!"
Last post quoted "The Final Cut," an excellent science fiction film. I liked it especially because the main character was an editor. How cool is that?
I'm posting hurredly from the library with my last ten minutes of PC time. This keyboard sucks. There was a fight in here last night. The cops were called. The true cause of the fight was unknowable but the purported causes were unbelieveably stupid, on both sides. Somebdoy looked at somebody else the wrong way. I was checking out some books, and they're over there shoving each other. A big, loud black lady and a couple of her kids gettin' into it with this slow mustached redneck. "He was lookin' at me that way because of my mustache!" I saw him walk in here again earlier today, too.

Fight in the library, man. What the fuck?
Monday, May 09, 2005
Once more into the Boing.
Boing Boing: Infoporn book gives all the numbers on Hollywood business

If you haven't seen it, check it out.
Friday, May 06, 2005
"I forgive people long after they can be punished for their sins."
Last movie quoted was "Training Day." "KING KONG ain't got SHIT on ME!"
I'm posting this on the last day of class. After today I will be for all intents and purposes graduated, with an associate's degree. And I'm only 18. Cool ain't it.

In the upcoming weeks there are numerous projects. Let's list them.

1. A heavy metal music video for some band in Greensburo. Sounds good. Not confirmed but likely going to happen. Of course I'm doing grip.

2. Redneck Samurai. My continuity and Locations instructor wrote it. he's also directing and starring, though when you're in front of the camera the whole time you need someone to take up the slack. I'm Best Boy Electric and I'm also acting. My character's name is "Pickles" and I'm some kind of supernatural gimp on a leash. Hoo boy, this'll be one to take home to mother.

3. 48 Hour Film Project. Best Boy Electric for my instructor again. Also some editing. Maybe I can get in on the story session.

4. Other than that? I'd like to shoot something of my own. I'm also going to call up a few people I've worked with in the past and see if I can get more work.
Thursday, May 05, 2005
Movie/DVD related news via Boing Boing.
Boing Boing: Soderbergh Cuban, Wagner's 2929: Break all the windows.

As an avid DVD collector, I think this is an absolutely FANTASTIC idea! Waiting for the DVD of a favored movie to come out 3-6 months down the road simply blows. If it had been available I would have purchased "Sin City" right after having seen it in the theater. They could always "double-dip" with a later DVD that contains more features and extras later in the year. Hell, they already do that. Yes indeed, I'm all for this and I hope it works great.

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