The Reel Deal and Other Bad Jokes
Saturday, January 29, 2005
"Damn, I hate being a foregone conclusion."
Last movie quoted was Shaun of the Dead.
I feel so neglectful. Here's the update: this semester we are doing a documentary on Caswell County, where PCC is based. We go and film locations and get B-roll and interview people. Whoop-de-fucking-do. I wanna run some grip shit! I wanna load a truck! Shit.

It's snowing.
I have a philosophy concerning movies. If a movie has something to say, and it's well-made, with good cenimatography, editing, etc, it's a film. If it's just entertainment, it's a movie. I'm very fond of this pretentious bullshit. Bad Boys II is a movie. Pulp Fiction is a film.

I need a hotel for a location for a film. If I can't get that I am fucked. I need it free. I have a suspicion it will not be free. Shit.

The story is this: Derek "Dollar" Brown works as a night clerk at a hotel. This really hot hooker shows up and gets him to put a suitcase in the safe. Then she has him come to her room for some undoubtedly hot, kinky, and flexible sex. Derek does not resist. Afterwards, he goes to the bathroom. He hears a struggle and come back out to find the hooker dead from some blunt trauma. "Oh, shit!" he thinks, and covers it up. Of course. Then this FBI agent starts fucking with him. The hooker's boyfriend starts fucking with him. And this really intimidating Italian guy is asking pointed questions too. The FBI agent is really a wannabe-GoodFella. He's teamed with the boyfriend, who is really a pimp. The Italian guy is a hitman, a real GoodFella. In the end the wannabe and the pimp cross each other and die and the hitman lets Derek have the money and tells him to the get the fuck outta Dodge. Not the most coherent pitch.

But hey. It's something to write.
I love ramen.

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