The Reel Deal and Other Bad Jokes
Wednesday, December 22, 2004
"Man, I don't even have an opinion."
I don't even have to identify the lasty movie quoted, it was so easy. Now--how come I don't see any pictures of Catherine Zeta Jones?
I gotta get someone on here who can talk editing and cinematography with me. At least story. We'll probably get to the story after a bit though.

I'm gonna do a FAQ/Glossary post and put a link to it on the sidebar, so you guys know what the fuck I'm talking about.

Where was I? Right. Fifteen minutes late.

To make up for being late, I busted my ass as much as possible. The area was some sort of weird hybrid of theater and sound stage, with exits on all for corners. Derek and I ran stingers (extension cords) to all available circuits (8). We had a sort of mottled forest green/brown backdrop out on a couple of bars with elephant ears on Hi-Hi's. Uhm...look, we had a backdrop. Surrounding the actor we put a shitload of Kino-Flos (color-corrected for film flourescents) and a couple of Chimeras (more soft light). Chimeras have a tent-like shade that directs the light from the bulb, and Greg had some flexible egg crate (grid) filters to diffuse it some more.

Once our lighting setup was done, it was time to eat. Not the best craft service I've ever had--the hoagies has been sitting in their boxes a while--but they were gourmet hoagies. Back to the set.

Derek and I had to slate the scenes and time the shots. On a commercial, time of your shots is crucial, since commercial spots do have a certain time limit. Whoever's running the commercial pays big money for every second of air time.

The slate is that clickity-clackety thing you see in front of deleted scenes or outtakes on DVD's special features sometimes. The guy running is is the clapper. the clapper is the loader as well, thus clapper/loader. Both tasks are simple, but there's just enough to it to make it challenging, and with one's reputation on the line, you've got to nail it every time. The clapper has to time the slate just so. On cue from the sound guy, "marker," and clap the sticks, hold it a fraction fo a second, get the fuck out of there and then freeze, so as not to affect the sound in any way. The sticks I was using in this instance had timecode that started whenever you lifted the top sticks.

The loader has a tent or a loading bag so as not to expose the film to light at all, which means he has to take the film out of the can and load it into the mag entirely by touch. I'm going to learn up on it, it's a job I want.

DAY 1: Smooth. Next we're at the hospital.


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