The Reel Deal and Other Bad Jokes
Sunday, November 14, 2004
"I declare war on peace and happiness!"
OK, back to regularity. Maybe. Hopefully.
I'm going to introduce a feature that will allow me to always have something to say. I'm going to start it off with one that I consider to be quite offensive. Just to get the tone straight. Without further ado, I present:

The Joke of the Post. For this Joke of a Blog.

This lady is checking out at the supermarket. She buys some Tylenol, a bushel of carrots, some Kleenex, some tampons, and three cucumbers. The cashier looks at all this stuff, then says, "Hmmm. You must be single."

She says, "You can tell that just from what I bought?"

He says, "No. You're fucking ugly!"
I just finished a really kickass script. If I can produce it, I plan to keep a diary of it on this blog, like girl with a movie camera but more profane. At this stage I'm just looking for feedback, money, crew, and actors. The next stage of production that I can enter right now is storyboarding. I'm also going to get a job to finance the thing. Now that's commitment.

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