The Reel Deal and Other Bad Jokes
Wednesday, September 15, 2004
"MISter Anderson...welcome back. We've...MISSED you."
The last movie quoted was "The Big lebowski." A really awesome movie. Go see it.

I worked on an indie this Monday entitled "Ruff Roads." It was about how dealing drugs will bite you in the ass, like when you beat up an addict who didn't pay you who then goes to the house of your mom and kills her to get money to buy more meth, but not before being stabbed to death by her with a letter opener passed off as a kitchen knife in the actual film...

I really enjoyed it.

It was fun watching the actors work, they were good actors, or cast well anyway. The big black guy playing one of the drug dealers said it was giving him flashbacks. He was incredibly intimidating on camera, and a little bit off too. The actor playing the addict was awesome too. I'd seen him before in Matt Moore's 48 Hour Film, and liked his performance.

The actual gripwork was great. I managed to snatch a catnap during a slow period, which energized me enough that Red, Crazy Bob and I set up a 1200K HMI and C-stand/bounce card assembly, raised twenty feet high, in sixty seconds. You talk about fuuuun shit!


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