The Reel Deal and Other Bad Jokes
Friday, September 10, 2004
"I'm the Dude. That's what you call me."`
The previously quoted movie was Indiana Jones. Like, practically any one of the three, and probably the fourth as well. More from this post's movie: "I'll suck your cock for a thousand dollars."


"I'm gonna go find a cash machine."

Makeup class was kind of boring. So was Production Management. As usual. And Editing. Why am I telling you this? Bleh.

Here's some real news that you may or may not find interesting: I found out recently that I'm in the wrong person's class. I was told to go to the EIGHT AM Wenesday class. After a month, chris asks me why I'm not on his roster, and someone tell's me that I'm actually in Matt Moore's class--at least, he's been calling my name for the past month. Since his class is Thursday night and that means one less day I have to get up early on, I'm going with that. Sweet. Plus, Matt is less straitlaced and a cool guy in general. I thought he was a student when I first met him.

This means I now have a four day weekend, with a class day in the middle though. More time to sleep in. More time to watch porn. More time to goof off. More time free for dates, or thinking about sex anyway. As I said to my buddy Joey: "Four day weekend. BITCH!"


I interviewed for the position of Key Grip on the student shoot just now. Kinda tense. I think I got it though.

(A key is the senior position; a grip rigs flags, nets, cookies, dolly track, camera mounts, and makes sure everything on set is safe.)
The Independent

I think a store that rents out independent films exclusively would be really cool. The store members would rate new arrivals and then they'd go to the pay shelves. If it enjoyed enough rentals, it could go to the other franchises in the chain (this store would be awesome as a chain) and possibly get screened in the backroom theater. A combination theater and rental place. If you wanted to rent a filmt currently screening, it would cost a bit more. And stuff. Is this a coherent idea?

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