The Reel Deal and Other Bad Jokes
Thursday, July 29, 2004
"Monet's unknown masterpiece...Dogs At Cards. "
Yeah, that was UHF. "Ghandi II--this time, it's HIS way!" The movie I'm quoting this post is great too. Dogs at cards, oh yes.

We shot some footage last night. Great stuff. We also shot some today. We had Damian dolled up in a black trenchcoat (pleather) and Zack in a kung fu outfit (wide sleeves, little knots through the loops) and we did a chase/fight down a set of stone steps, across a bridge, down another set, and onto some railroad tracks and off into the distance. Tomorrow I hope we do some talkng scenes, and possibly some more fighting on the rocks out on the river near the tracks.
Installment 8--check the previous post, I edited in a segment.

I flipped the thief onto the bench opposite me, using his forearm as a lever. "I'll make you a deal: bring me up to date on the who's who of the Gate City crimminal underground. I'll give you a nice shiny copper."

"Fuck y--"

I turned my wrist deliberately. I was still holding his arm. The ratty little man grimaced. "Ok, you twisted my arm."

I loosened my grip. "Start talking."

"All right. See, Jimmy the Jew is Knocker for the Shadows right now. Zoomaster Xachary is Main Pimp. Shithead Sean just assasinated Matt the Jewel, those clans have been at war for a while now...I'm in hiding, myself--I was one of the Jewel's Shivs when the bad shit went down."

"If you've told me false you'll have a fresh reason to be in hiding--and I retired off my bounty hunting money."

"Since I can't take your money I'll get your drift."


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