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Tuesday, July 13, 2004
How About A Goddamn Intermission?
Just checking in to let you all know that while I will do my best to update you all, there will be a break from your regularly scheduled doses of storytime and quote goodness (though I'll probably sneak a few in there for ya).

I am currently finishing up the edit on a short film I recently shot. It's tough going, because I had to be in it do to a shortage of actors and after looking at my mug long enough, I am willing to concede that my acting fucking sucks, or at least clocks in right at mediocre. In future I will endeavor to restrict myself to small bit parts and parts that are easy to play, like "Sleeping Guy."

Tomorrow I am finally driving up to Virginia, so you'll be able to expect some audioblogging. There I will direct a short film, with a full cast (and sort of full crew). This short film concerns the adventures of Sanitational Worker, an incompetent super hero who has charged himself with protecting the great state of Delaware. As a nemesis he has Master Naughty, a villain who got stuck with a bad name because he got kicked out of the College of Crime and Villainy. Backing him up are such diverse characters as Lord Setyourhaironfire and the Pants Queen, as well as Melvin. Sanitational will also be forced to do battle with the likes of Canadian Death Robots and...more Canadian Death Robots.

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