The Reel Deal and Other Bad Jokes
Wednesday, June 02, 2004
"Where does he get those wonderful toys? "
Last post's quoted movie was Shrek. Great film.
A comment I made on TJ's Place that I thought was worth reposting:

"Here's a similar, but less subtle, trick: get somebody to open your carbonated beverage for you. There's a routine that goes with this.

Get two cans of whatever, shake one up, babble about being the God of Carbonation (or whatever you want to babble about) for a couple of minutes (at least sixty seconds), then open the shook one right under your friend's nose. it won't do anything, because the drink will have calmed down. Then hold the other one out to your "friend." He pulls the tab and it spews all over him, completely drenching the poor mofo.

Here's the trick: You squeezed the can as he opened it. You also pulled it away so the drink was escaping through the smallest possible opening. You didn't squeeze it hard enough that one can tell it's been squeezed, though--maybe enough for a slight dent that could be chalked up to air pressure and stuff.

Voila, friends for life."

Kevin said something the other day about how he uses too many of those separating lines, and that they're lazy.

So what's your point, Kev? Get over it. After all, if I use 'em they must be fine, eh?
Still shooting. I did some really nice voiceovers. I make a great gumshoe. At least when voice acting.

"The dame was hysterical. Dames usually are."

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