The Reel Deal and Other Bad Jokes
Tuesday, May 04, 2004
(This is reaching, I know) Indiana Title and the Raiders of the Lost Title
Installment 11 of "Nobody's Fool"

The dwarf swallowed. "Phule. Nemo Phule." Kahnrad raised an eyebrow. He stood behind Nemo.
"You're a Clanless One?" he asked.
Nemo lowered his head. "Yes. I am cast out." Kahnrad himself was outcast, or presumably so. Deserters such as him and I were rarely welcomed back to our respective cultures.
Phule, meaning, literally, "fool," was the clan name a dwarf took when cast out. There was some sort of formal ceremony, and I gather Kahnrad never had one, which is why he still uses his clan name. Maybe they're waiting for him to come back so they can kick him out.
Nemo signifies "nobody." Evidently what this dwarf had done made him reluctant to let even his first name be bandied about.

Had the final on the most boring film class ever. I think I passed. If I have to take that shit again....

Also, There is a small chance I'll have to pay the damages on my car. Probably not, but if I do things will really suck.

Update on the Utah trip: We're going to Sundance. There will be hiking, and...hiking. Sightseeing as well, apparently. On the train, I'll have a room to myself. Hopefully this will keep me from killing anybody. Maybe I'll meet somebody interesting on the train around my age.

Sombody female.


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