The Reel Deal and Other Bad Jokes
Friday, May 28, 2004
"Oh, I'm sorry. Did I break your concentration? "
Yesterday's quoted movie was Rat Race. It KILLED me, it was so incredibly funny. My little brother almost pissed his pants watching it. "It ees a race! I am weening!" You gotta go rent it. Wayne Knight, John Cleese, Amy Smart, the Mr. Bean guy, Seth Green...talk about your all-star cast. Get it.

Dad just gave me a camera. A cute little FireWire-capable DV camera, with an extra-large battery pack and a wide-angle lens and stuff. Much better than Mom's Betacam, and much better than what I had planned to buy on my budget. Joy. So I gotta get some stuff done.

If you're considering buying a Mac, there are some things you should know (listen up, Yoli). While the Mac is virtually crash-proof, and fast, (we're talking about recent models here), and all of it's software works together seamlessly, and it's quieter than a PC, and it's really sexy-looking (there's a drool tray you can buy) there are some things you should know. Wait, I already said that.

The downsides are--I mean, the downside is--there may be programs that only work with the PC that you cannot install on a Mac, like the aforementioned Produce Panic. The Mac comes with it's own version of the Microsoft Office suite, Apple Works, so you'll have a word processor and something to do spreadsheets on. If you want to do graphics editing of some sort, it's great for that too. In fact it comes with a suite of programs specifially for that--iMovie and iDVD and iPhoto, iBlahblahblahblah. And so on. However, I wouldn't reccomend it as a gaming machine, as the selection of games for the Mac is shit. You've got--Halo and...uhm. I'd have to go look the other three up on the internet (seriously, there are quite a few, you'd be surprised at how many, but nowhere near the number for the PC). That's basically what you need to know if you're planning on getting a Mac.

Oh, yeah--the operating system is a little different. The Dock, for instance. And the taskbar that acts as both start menu and menu for whatever program you're. But that's efficient.

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