The Reel Deal and Other Bad Jokes
Wednesday, May 05, 2004
Indiana Title and the Title of Doom
May I present to you, ladies and gentlemen, the Final Installment of "Nobody's Fool"

I leaned forward. "I'll tell you what, Nobody's Fool: you get out of town, tonight, and I don't throw your hairy ass into a cell. I can almost guarantee you'd meet some friends from the Fox."
"Do I get to keep the take?"
"A portion."
"I knew it was too good to be free," the dwarf grumbled. He opened his pouch and showed us the contents. A fair haul, but could have been better. More silver than gold. He handed each of us a large piece of his money pie.
"Can I go now?"
"Get outta here. And if we see you again later, you don't know us as anything but faces in the crowd."
He darted out the door. He made a surprisingly little amount of noise. He must have mastered the trick where you make people's belongings disappear from their homes at some point in his career.
Both Kahnrad and I put our profits from the evening in our money pouches. That is, we tried to; where our pouches had formerly hung, there were only leather straps. The only thing that broke the ensuing silence was the fading sound of the dwarf's mocking laughter.

And that wraps it up for this particular story.

I had the final today in Grip & Electric. It basically entailed making a shitload of lists and such. I aced it, nailed the practical also (What's wrong with this light? Yeah? OK, correct it).

I am soooo hungry, but Mom is making me food in exchange for me typing up a flier for her guitar orchestra performance. I typed up her flier a whole hell of a lot faster than she's making my food, let me tell you.


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