The Reel Deal and Other Bad Jokes
Thursday, May 06, 2004
Indiana Title and the Last Title
The last title...? Does this mean the end of the goofy movie references?

Hey. Does my body look dead to you?

I took a final today. Aced it. Got an A in the class (Grip & Electric, my favorite). Remember the class I dropped? Well, I didn't actually drop it, nor was I in time to drop it without penalty. I found this out Wenesday night, when the teacher took me out in the hall and informed me of the situation after I'd asked if she'd gotten my e-mails. Apparently the best option was to take the tests, give it my best shot, and see how it would turn out.

Well, I got my last quiz back with the final grade for the entire class on the back page. I looked on the back page. I saw some numbers, but none that seemed relevant to my situation. I walked over to Mrs. Fisher.

"I assume you didn't put my grade on the last page because I need to stay until ten and work on my web site."

"No, I put your grade on there."

"What...?" I looked at the last page. A number was circled. "This 92.75 is my grade?"


Outside, talking with a friend I'd made in the class, I remained incredulous. He told me that she'd told him that the websites (which I'd spent many a night procrastinating over into the wee hours, and of which I had approximately nothing) were not being graded. Well, DAMN!

About every ten minutes in the conversation, I'd erupt with a "Ninety-two point fucking SEVENTY-FIVE!"

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