The Reel Deal and Other Bad Jokes
Thursday, May 27, 2004
"I can do whatever I want. I'm eccentric. Grr!"

"I've just decided--I'm going to put a hotel on Park Place."

"You're not even playing!"

"Playing what?"

The movie I'm quoting here will be revealed tomorrow.

I am getting fuck-all done. Mom's Betacam isn't compatible with the Mac (thank God, because it sucks) so I need a DV camera. I think Dad can hook me up.

Anyway, Macintosh computers come preinstalled with two games: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 and Deimos Rising. DR is a Space Invaders clone (with good graphics and stuff). Pro Skater is a shitload of fun, and I've been playing a lot, doing missions and stuff. Boy, that's descriptive. You go up to people and get things to do, such as "get 40,000 points in two minutes," and then go do them. I got 37,000 points once. Workin' on it.

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