The Reel Deal and Other Bad Jokes
Thursday, May 27, 2004
Blogger can take their software, burn it to a CD-R, and stick it up their ass.
...Do you know how it feels to have someone tell you to stick a CD-R up your ass?

That was a reference, but not to a movie. I had a post I was working on here and I came back to it and it was GONE, just GONE, fucking GONE, and it annoyed me a little bit, if by "annoyed me a little bit" you mean FUCKING PISSED ME OFF!

Sigh. On the upside, the problems I've been struggling with concerning my Mac Mail client have been fixed. That's right: I gave into my hatred. I used my aggressive feelings. I let the hate flow through me.

I got a G4 iMac. I am now one with the Dark Side.

And DAMN, it feels good. Granted, I'm fucked as far as games go, but I don't buy games anyway. And it's a good platform for my favorite first-person shooter, Halo. I need to invest in a copy. But all I can do is hope they come out with a Mac version of Produce Panic, because it's strictly PC right now.

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