The Reel Deal and Other Bad Jokes
Friday, April 30, 2004
Title Wars: The Title Strikes Back
Installment 8 of "Nobody's Fool"

"Nobody's fool will now take your fortune." I put my hand on my money pouch. "As I whisper your fortune in your ear, fix it in your mind, for it shall surely come to pass in short order."
The dwarf hopped down from the table and trotted down the line, whispering hurriedly in each patron's ear. They frowned puzzledly.
I leaned towards Kahnrad. "I smell a blowoff. Also a rat...a dead one." We made our exit, unnoticed. We'd had practice. Plus we knew the back way.
In the alley outside, I looked through a peephole in the wall of the Dirtwater Fox. The dwarf sprang back onto the table.
"Pull back your eyelids, look in your purse. You have been victims of the Pickpocket Curse!" There was a deafening bang, and a column of smoke rose to the ceiling. When it cleared, a few astute observers noticed the door was ajar. With a roar, the crowd rushed outside.

I'm dropping a class that I don't want or need, woohoo! It's like trudging along and suddenly realizing you're carrying a great big rock in your backpack.

I met a very pretty young lady at my Dad's company barbeque. Redhead. We exchanged screen names. I hope to talk to her soon. You know, after I hunt down my second-grade teacher.

I probably will not have to pay for the damage done to my car, since I was hit and not the other way around.

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