The Reel Deal and Other Bad Jokes
Tuesday, April 27, 2004
Title Hard
Installment 4 of "Nobody's Fool" (check prior posts for earlier parts of the story)

We surveyed the crowd. Sooner or later, a fight would break out. Neither Kahnrad nor I felt like participating, so we'd arrest whoever was lying on the floor at the end of the brawl.
The two long tables in the center of the room, never premium seating, were packed. Burly orcs, dwarves, humans and hobgoblins jostled for space on the warped benches. Multiple puncture wounds to the fundament by splinters were damn near inevitable. At least for thin human skin. That's why Kahnrad and I always used our so-called Special Detective guardsmen’s badges to get the better seats. Plus we could spot trouble-makers easier. Not that it took a trained eye to do that at the Fox.
The brassy note of what seemed to be a bugle became audible over the hubbub. Gradually, the room became silent as the unseen bugler completed an energetic version of "Wanderin' Fool." Every head in the room turned to regard the source of the music, excepting those that had already passed out on the floor.

I had Sound Operations today. Just like last Teusday, except we were back with our regular teacher. I think I've reached the limit of my patience with him. He is a horrible teacher, very dry. I like him as a person and on set, but we're usually not on set when we're in his class, in fact never, because after all we are in class, not on set...if you see where I'm going with this.

The material is kind of boring too, though I think I'm getting the hang of it. Like, holy shit, I could throw a bunch of technical terms out, and know what they mean. I did actually learn something in this class...I don't like it, but I learned something from it.

Spare me the "learn something from everything" cliche. I know it's true, but maybe there are some things you don't WANT to learn? For instance, if you committed seppeku--which you would accomplish by taking the short killing sword, the Wakizashi, inserting it into the lower right corner of your abdomen, wrenching it across and then upwards, you would learn what your intestines look like. Me, I'll pass. Learning about sound equipment was OK though.

Thank god next week is the final. By which I mean both exam and class.

Hot damn!

Summer Production and Budgeting Schedule

May 28: Begin "Tracer Bullet" analog production
June 5: Finish "Tracer Bullet" Analog version
June 6: Purchase Macintosh $2740
June 7: Begin fifteen minute production. Begin “Tracer Bullet” edit.
June 9: Finish "Tracer Bullet" edit
June 19: Finish fifteen minute production. Purchase lighting equipment $300.
June 20: Begin half-hour production.
July 10: Finish half-hour production. Purchase DV camera $400.
July 11: Begin hour-long production.
August 14: Finish hour-long production. Purchase DVD-Rs, labels, jewelcases $100.

Total: $3540
Total budget: $4000. Surplus available for props/makeup/costuming or to cover surplus on purchases.

My executive producer, i.e. my dad, agreed to these terms. He's fronting the money. He wanted me to sign a contract, though. In its entirety:

The Carrot-and-Stick Contract

The signee will obtain a summer job. If the signee does not complete the Tracer Bullet production, the fifteen-minute production, and the half-hour production, the signee will lose the Macintosh.

Depending on quality, the signee will recieve these bonuses:

Tracer Bullet--$50
Fifteen-minute production--$100.
Half-hour production--$250.
Hour-long production--$500.

I, Justin Kuhn, being of somewhat sound mind and body, agree to these terms.

Looks like there'll be some interesting blogs this summer.

At the end of the semester, my family is going to Utah. We'll be traveling by train. Then we'll get a rental car and drive back home. We'll stop and see the sights, including the Grand Canyon and Sante Fe (which apparently has several art galleries, I suspect an ulterior motive on Dad's part). Blogging will be erratic, but I'll try and update whevever I can get near a computer with internet access.

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