The Reel Deal and Other Bad Jokes
Thursday, April 29, 2004
Title Hard 3: With a Vengeance
Installment 6 of "Nobody's Fool"

The fool stopped dancing and strolled along the table. Suddenly, he whirled on a fat orc with nostrils the size of gold coins.
"You there! Do you pick your nose?"
The orc glanced guiltily about. "Huhh...no?"
"That's too bad. If you did, you might have found this!" The jester reached down (admittedly, not far) and pulled a scarf out of the orc's right nostril. It shimmered the sheer colors of silk. Valuable colors.
"Thanks, friend." The dwarf winked.
Stunned, the orc drove a fat finger into his nose and began rooting desperately.
The fool jigged merrily down the table, pulling a scarf from a collar there, a coin from an ear here, a minnow from a nostril there. Reaching the end, he back flipped into a series of handsprings, which he expanded to body twists and mid-air splits, jumping from table to table.

Got in a fender-bender today. Busted a headlight, bent my hood, and tore my bumper cover. 'S fucked up. The insurance should take care of it though. She reversed into me. I was following close, on the other hand.

Maybe more later, gotta go drop off the accident report with my Dad's PA.

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