The Reel Deal and Other Bad Jokes
Sunday, April 25, 2004
Lord of the Titles: The Two Titles

Installment 2 of "Nobody's Fool."

"Hey baby, wanna rumble in my jungle?" Something rubbed up against my leg. I looked down from my considerable height of six foot plus. It had a mustache and lips that could deep-kiss a moose. I wasn't sure if it was female, or even human, so I took my best shot.
"Sorry...I don't date monkeys." I flashed my badge. The monkey scampered. Even for monkeys, soliciting a guardsman is a crime punishable by the guardsman not paying.
Kahnrad drummed his fingers on his billy club. “Heads up, Maceman. Somebody’s tryin’ to move in on our territory.” He nodded in the direction of the group occupying the table we customarily sat at. I smirked.
"Hello there! What are you sitting at our table for?" I boomed jovially.
A motley collection of toughs looked up from their drinks and dice game. A few seemed well on their way to a good drunk, judging by the fashion in which they were trying to pinpoint which image of me was the real me.


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