The Reel Deal and Other Bad Jokes
Friday, April 23, 2004
"I'm like a tuba. You wanna know why...?"

I am so hungry right now.

DSL gets bitchy a lot. A lot. Cuts me off, let's me back on, cuts me off...I think I'll call my ISP up with an important message: "Hey, Bellsouth? I'm like a tuba. Because you can just BLOW ME!!!"

So, I applied to the Summer Session in Film over at NCSA, right? Wrote the "what I expect" essay and all. I was accepted.
And then today they called with some good news: "Justin is not eligible because he is not a high school student or a graduated high school student." But, hell, i'm not even 18! I graduated homeschool early and jumped into college. It's like gettin' punished for being a good student.

I was on the road when I heard the news, so I advised mom to call them and try and get the film people on the phone because the person who called was a "supervisor," read, a pencil-pushing beuraucrat in Admissions. I'm in with the Dean. I saw him the other day in the bookstore and he asked me when I was applying to NCSA, quite eagerly it seemed. If I could get him on the phone he'd probably push me through the system (the fuckin' Dean here).


Mom said it cost about $1800 to take the session, and I could get outfitted with some decent equipment for that price amount of money. That means a digital camera (with Firewire of course), Final Cut Pro, and a nice little Mac. Which is really all I need to make a movie. Lots of people are eager to get in front of the camera (including me), so actors are not a problem.

The big thing here was that I was going to relish going back (I'd been there the previous summer) and be the biggest know-it-all ever due to the PCC classes. Also, I was looking forward to seeing a friend or two from the previous session. But I figure I can do that by acting, since the Summer Session filmmakers can bring in outside actors. I'll just make it known I'm available for pretty much anything in the way of comedic acting, and make my own stuff in the meantime.

Meanwhile, NCSA can...oh, finish the sentence yourself.

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